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Heritage Haven Church is a place where you are certain to find your place in Christ, find your space to serve and grow at your own pace. So we are committed to working together with you in order to know more about God, to help you achieve your personal goals and also to enable you make valuable contributions to your community.

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About Us

We are a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), a world wide Christian organisation which was founded in 1952 with over 850 branches in the United Kingdom. The Heritage Haven branch in Hitchin is a church with a desire to love, help and tell people how much God loves them. And we are grateful to God to see this positive transformation of several lives and families, both in terms of socio-economic status and spiritual growth. Come and experience a new kind of love that only Jesus can give.


Dynamic and Impactful Activities

What we do is as a result of what we are. What we do doesn't define us, but what we are in Christ defines what we do." So, our dream is to have a deepened intimacy with God and help as many people as possible to believe, understand and be closer to God as well. RCCG Heritage Haven Church is committed to changing and shaping individual and family lives. The work we do at our Christian Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to individual's physical and spiritual development and solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. Consequently, we are working together with other churches to ensure that our members are not only empowered, but also create opportunities for individuals and communities to grow and live in peace and harmony.

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Tilehouse Street Baptist Church, Upper Street, Hitchin, SG5 2EE

Tel: +447473841334

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