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I have a life plan for you. It was written into your life record before you were even born. A plan to bring you to my heart and into my fullness. I am the God who created you and formed you in your mother’s womb.

My gaze was set upon you before your eyes were opened. So, My plan for you will succeed, and you will one day say, “Abba, you do all things well!”

My timing is perfect, and I will make all things beautiful for you in my time. The details of my plan may unfold slowly, but my divine fingerprints are upon them. I hold your life dear to my heart.

Your current situation cannot hinder my plans for you. When you don’t understand what I’m doing, turn your eyes to me and I will show you that my plan will bring endless delight and perfect praise for you.

I love you, my child, and I will never allow you to be tested beyond the measure of my grace to keep you. Trust in my faithfulness. I will not disappoint you. #GodWhispers

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