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I am the God of the brokenhearted. When the pain of life beats you up, I am your safe refuge. Hide yourself in me. Come away and rest in me. I am your Healer, and I am kind. I am merciful, and I am good. I love you, and I know how to heal your tender heart.

Please, don’t doubt me, beloved. Believe in my healing love. Believe in my mercy. Believe in my mighty power. Believe that I am worth trusting.

I am the King of glory. I am bigger and more magnificent than you can possibly imagine. Even when you fall or disappoint yourself, I am with you. Rest in my finished work. Open your heart to me. Will you? Will you let me flood you with healing and peace once again? I will lift you up and resuscitate your faith.

It’s okay to go through seasons of grief and weariness, but after I’ve strengthened you, take my hand and walk with me back into joy. I will not neglect you! Joy will come again. This is my promise to you.

Anchor Verse: Isaiah 51:11

*Do it again! Those Yahweh has set free will return to Zion and come celebrating with songs of joy! They will be crowned with never-ending joy! Gladness and joy will overwhelm them; despair and depression will disappear!*


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