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You Need To Laugh

I created you with great joy. I dance over you, sing over you, and brood over you with a Father’s heart for his child. You move me and bring me more pleasure than you know. Beloved, it’s time for you to embrace my joy. It’s time to live a higher life. Let me peel back the layers of heaviness that life has covered you with so that you can embrace my joy. I am not heavy-handed. I am the epitome of joy. I created you to have fun. Laughter is like medicine, and I offer it to you without measure. Don’t take life so seriously that you forget to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to enjoy life because you’re scared of what you may lose. I want to fill you with unspeakable joy! Tears of joy will replace tears of sorrow. Joy will unlock the chains that have weighed you down. But you must not only receive it, you must interact with joy. Beloved, that means you must laugh.

Yes, laugh out loud! Heaviness doesn’t want you to be free. Pride wants you to feel embarrassed. But joy is the key you need to become free today. Laugh on purpose today!

Isaiah 29:19

The meek will overflow with fresh joy in the Lord Yahweh, and the poor will shout their praises to the Holy One of Israel!

Happy New Year

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